AT89C2051 Development Stick

AT89C2051_DEV_STICK_PIC 89C2051 Development Stick kit offers an easy way of interfacing 89C2051 compatible MCU’s. Slim design with plug in type approach Voltage regulator on board for stable and regulated supply to the MCU RESET switch for resetting the MCU 0592 MHz Crystal 4K external EEPROM Power-On LED for indicator 20-Pin well marked Berg connector for ease of connection Access to all IO pins & supp ...

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Jameco Electronics Hobbyist Study: Electronics Skills Are Critical to Fueling American Economy

BELMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A comprehensive study of electronics hobbyists released today found that over 68% of hobbyists believe electronics as a hobby is essential to fueling the American economy. Over 1700 electronics hobbyists participated in the study, the Great American Electronics Hobbyist Census, conducted by electronic component distributor, Jameco Electronics. In 2014, electronic component ...

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