Arduino powered Haunted Pumpkin using arduino

This is a cute little project that takes a pumpkin, motion sensor, and some parts from Radio Shack. It was fun to create and build. This project was sponsored by the Radio Shack Great Create and I was able to make the whole thing with parts available from Radio Shack. Thanks for the gift card, Radio Shack!

Arduino powered Haunted Pumpkin

Step 1: Parts

Arduino Uno

9V Recording Module

MPS2222A Transistor

150 ohm resistors (5 pack)

(2) 10MM high brightness red LED two-packs (total of 4)
(2*$2.19) $4.38

10mm High-Brightness White LED

PIR Sensor Module

Total cost of Radio Shack parts: $31.13

These other parts are good to have handy:
Heat shrink tube:
Digital multimeter:
22 ga. solid hookup wires:
Zip ties:

Solder and soldering iron.
Hot Glue

Step 2: The Circuit

This circuit is relatively simple. The red LEDs are attached to digital pins on the Arduino through the resistors. The white LED goes to Pin 13 (no resistor needed given the voltage and duty cycle of the LED) and the motion sensor and voice module are given their own digital lines as well.

It is important that the two “glowing eyes” LEDs are attached to PWM pins on the Arduino so they can properly fade. I used Pin 3 and Pin 5.

Arduino powered Haunted Pumpkin

Step 3: LED tips

To keep this project simple, I soldered the resistors for the LEDs “in line” with the wire, shown in this photo. Heat-shrink tube adds both stability and insulation to the circuit.

Step 4: Hacking the Voice module

The voice module required a transistor to trigger the button. The video and photo attached show how to use the transistor in the parts list to trigger the button from an Arduino pin.


For more detail: Arduino powered Haunted Pumpkin

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