Arduino Circular Cylon!

This is a quick arduino project that is great for beginners. Enjoy! There is a video on the last step!

Arduino Circular Cylon

Step 1: What you Need

To build this project you will need:

10 LEDs, any color will do.

Some wire, I used a ribbon cable I had

Most importantly, an Arduino

Perhaps some electrical tape

Prototyping board

Step 2: Build it!

Start off by arranging your LEDs on the proto board however you choose, I chose to place them in an oval shape.
Arduino Circular Cylon
After that, solder them to the board. After they are soldered, solder all the cathodes (shorter leads, – or the lead that has the flat side) together. Then, solder a wire to each anode (other lead of the LEDs) to a wire.


For more detail: Arduino Circular Cylon!


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