ZERO plus Prototype your IOT product in seconds

What we wish to achieve?

Technology makes a better world !

We believe ZERO+ can turn great ideas into reality because with ZERO+, you can develop your smart device including hardware, cloud service and user application within just one hour.

Traditionally, to develop your own smart device, you would need to go through hardware, embedded system, could service and mobile application development. This not only is time and resource consuming but also often needs a huge team to achieve. However, with zero+ now everything is changed. ZERO+ offers an all in one solution that includes hardware, embedded system, cloud service and user application. Now, you can truly bring your imagination to life within only one hour.

ZERO plus Prototype your IOT product in seconds

ZERO+ is designed for both individuals and teams, so anyone from makers to startup companies can join in this family of hardware development. Any prototype made with ZERO+ can easily be manufactured in large scale. We are looking forward to seeing lives with all sorts of connected hardwares we develop because it is going to make the world a smarter, healthier and more convenient place. The only limit is up  to  your imagination.

ZERO+ , a smart open-source wifi module that you can use it in :

Security alert/thermostat/door lock/control of light, irrigation system and any type of home automation from daily application to industrial use.

Chipduino 1.0 (the most concise arduino)

Chipduino  is an expansion module for Zero+. It is a modified edition of arduino. it’s designed for miniaturize the arduino uno but with all the functionality of arduino. Chipduino removes the redundant components and covers with long Female Header for inserting into the Bread Board conveniently. chipduino can be experimented via many expansion modules like how arduino-uno is.


For more detail: ZERO plus Prototype your IOT product in seconds

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