Hardware Protection – OverVoltage and OverCurrent

Three major power supply (Figure 1) architectures are defined for any engineer: 1.Linear Regulators. 2.Pulse width modulated switching (PWM). 3.High resonant technology switching. Some important parameters can described in the followig texts: Inputs: Vin(low), Vin(high) – minimum and maximum allowed input voltages, hence input voltage range. Iin(max) – maximum average input current. Outputs: Vout(min), Vout ...

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Circuit adds foldback-current protection

For many applications that require power-supply currents of a few amperes or less, three-terminal adjustable-output linear voltage regulators, such as National Semiconductor's LM317, offer ease of use, low cost, and full on-chip overload protection. The addition of a few components can provide a three-terminal regulator with high-speed short-circuit current limiting for improved reliability. The current lim ...

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Short circuit protection for (almost) any power supply

Hello, everyone! This instructable is about a universal short circuit protection that I've designed to use in bench power supplies. I've designed it to fit in most power supplies circuits. In order to this circuit fit in your bench power supply, you will need to do some calculations, but don't worry, I'll explain everything on the next steps. The circuit is really easy to understand. A resistor of low value ...

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