The future of the music instrument industry lies in synthesizers, and nowhere is this more apparent than the suite of tiny, pocket-sized synths more than capable of making bleeps and bloops. You’ve got tiny Korgs and Pocket Operators, and the time is ripe for people to wake up to tiny, pocket-sized synths. The latest in a wide, diverse range of pocketable synthesizers is the Bitty. It’s a pocket-sized drum ...

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USBminiPower: Pocket USB power supply for the hobbyist

The adjustable power supply is an absolutely vital piece of equipment for any electronics engineer or hobbyist. However in the vast majority of cases the needs presented towards a lab power supply are quite relaxed and usually within the low voltage range. With the modern component base the current consumption is usually also very low, and in a number of cases a large and fancy (and of course expensive) lab ...

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Autonomous drone that you already have in your pocket!

In this tutorial i want to learn you something, maybe change your mind. And make autonomous drones available for everyone. Simple question is: What do you need to make your drone autonomous? . Answer: - GPS - Accelerometer - Gyroscope - Telemetry wireless system - Camera - Some better micro processor Its expensive right? Real answer: Its cheap, and you already have it in your pocket!!! Modern Android phones ...

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