Dual LED Flasher

A two transistor circuit that flashes two LEDs on and off alternately. Prerequisites Complete tutorial two - Transistor Timer before attempting this tutorial. Components In addition to an electronic breadboard, wire links, a 9V battery and a battery clip, you will need: QTY PART DESIGNATOR NOTES TYPE 2 22k resistors (red - red - orange) R2, R3 1/4W, 5% or better Resistors 2 470 ohm resistors (yellow - viole ...

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Arduino LED Flasher Circuit

In this project, we will go over how to build an arduino LED flasher circuit. We will use a standard arduino board, doesn't matter which, and connect it so that it flashes an LED a certain amounts of times on and off repeatedly to create an LED flasher circuit. An arduino is a self-contained microcontroller. Therefore, it can be programmed via the language Processing to turn the LED on for a certain period ...

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