A Digital Thermometer Hygrometer With Analog Displays

It seems that you can’t visit to a microcontroller website without seeing a digital thermometer/hygrometer build of some kind. After all, it is pretty easy to build and at the same time quite useful as well. In this post, I will show you yet another thermometer/hygrometer build. But instead of using an LCD or 7 segment display for the output, I decided to go retro, using two “needles” to display the tempera ...

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Quick Arduino Hygrometer with OLED display

We have been having some condensation and mould issues in our apartment recently due to, I think, the humidity levels. Our property is relatively newly built and, as such, has very good insulation properties (double glazed windows etc.). The side effect of this is that there is very little ventilation and therefore humidity rises over a period of time and water then condensates on windows causing puddles on ...

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Arduino Hygrometer

I am building an automated irrigation system for my vegetable patch. This will be a system that monitors the soil moisture level and then turns on a pump to send water to my garden according to the detected moisture level. The water is coming from our rainwater tank, there is also an overflow on the tank that I've redirected to the garden (both the vegetable and ornamental gardens) so that water isn't just ...

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