With surface-mount technology pushing the size of components ever smaller, even the most eagle-eyed among us needs some kind of optical assistance to do PCB work. Lots of microscopes have digital cameras too, which can be a big help – unless the camera fights you. Faced with a camera whose idea of autofocus targets on didn’t quite coincide with his, [Scott M. Baker] took matters into his own hands – foot, a ...

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GUI Based Home Automation System using Arduino and MATLAB

We all are familiar with the word ‘Automation’, where the human interaction is minimal and things can be controlled automatically or remotely. Home automation is very popular and demanding concept in the field of Electronics, and we are also making our best efforts to make this concept easily understandable and manageable as Electronics Projects. We have previously developed several types of Home Automation ...

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Arduino-controlled blinds: a tutorial

Have you ever wanted a smart home that can automatically adjusts the blinds for you? If so, this project is for you. In this instructable, the author describes his approach to “smart blinds”, by using an Arduino board, an ethernet shield, a motor shield and a couple of sensors. By means of a simple web-based GUI, the user can manually open and close the blinds, or he/she can setup both temperature and brigh ...

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