Arduino – making a basic drum machine

Had a quick look round at turning a piezoelectric speaker in to a sensor that will detect a tap or knock. I also then had a search around for setting the output of a speaker to a different note. Combining this has given me a small basic Arduino drum machine and a headache to my girlfriend. First of all a piezoelectric speaker works kind of like a guitar string in that it vibrates to generate sound. Typicall ...

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Randomized Arduino Drum Machine

I like drum machines. However they are not always the easiest to build. I wanted one that is: A. Simple, Yet Powerful-If it uses lots of components then it is too complicated B. Sound-It's not a a drum machine if it "beeps" C. Easily Modifiable-If I can't change stuff for improvement it is kind of annoying. A meticulous internet search wasn't so successful. Finally, I found this but, even that was a bit un- ...

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Step Sequencer Drum Machine

Overview [top] As avid audiophiles, we wanted to apply our newly acquired knowledge of microcontrollers to build a fun consumer electronic device. Our project is a step sequencer drum machine. The user is able to program a 16-step percussion pattern using one of a wide range of percussion instruments on each of six different tracks. The user toggles between different tracks and different instruments and adj ...

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