How to Make an Audio Player with Speaker Using the Arduino Uno!

This Arduino project is a simple and fun project you can build in 10-15 minutes. The result of this make will be an Arduino audio player that plays “.wav” files. It consists of a speaker, a simple transistor acting as an amplifier, and a micro-SD card adapter with a micro-SD card in it where the .wav files are loaded and played. Required Materials Hardware: Arduino Uno (Any other Arduino except Duo wil ...

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Trinket Audio Player using arduino

Overview We usually think of the Adafruit Trinket as a tiny subset of a “real” Arduino; less RAM, less code space, less I/O. But this little chip has a couple tricks up its sleeve, things its larger brethren can’t do. One of these is a high-speed PWM mode. With just a few extra components this can be used for audio output. Not simply piezo beeps and buzzes…actual sampled digital sound! You could make an ele ...

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