Add a fuse where it´s desirable

Nowadays, when “almost everything” works on electricity we can see still more devices connected to mains line. That´s why it often happens, that many small-power devices are connected to one (circuit breaker fused) line. To increase a safety, it´s usually advantageous to fuse particular devices separately – for example by small glass fuses. Somewhere it´s advantageous on a panel or directly on a PCB, elsewh ...

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Arduino Basics #5 – Add SD storage to Arduino

Arduino Uno’s microcontroller board is great, but the one thing it’s not overly generous with is storage. Having 32KB of program flash storage, 2KB of RAM and 1KB of programmable EEPROM space at your disposal is fine for many Arduino projects, but it’s not enough when you need to record data. But with a $2 microSD card reader module from eBay, you can quickly add up to 32GB of space. What’s more, FAT32 soft ...

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