This project is related to developing a handy gadget to help kids practice basic arithmetic operations. I decided to make it as my kids were very lazy to look into the books and come back very soon saying that they have done it (specially multiplication tables). This gadget randomly asks different questions and evaluate kids performance.


For this you need a 4×3 keypad to interact with the gadget and an LCD to show you results. for connectivity of LCD with arduino, you can follow instructions on below path:


Once you have setup brightness using the rehestat, you can note down the values and replace it with fixed resistors or keep it there if you want the user to adjust brightness as per his/her comfort.

In order to connect keypad with arduino, use guide on this link:


Power up Arduino and it will ask you what kind of quiz you want to take. Selec appropriate option and it will start. Once you have input your answer, you need to press * in order to submit and let the gadeget check your answer. In order to finish the quiz or take next one, press # and main menu will appear again. You can increase the difficulty level from the code by changing the maximum range of random number generator. This gadget currently produces random questions by using numbers from 1 to 12.


Block Diagram

This is how whole system must look like

quiamo circuit


Arduino CodeC/C++

Upload this code directly to UNO and make sure you use the wiring similar to mentioned in code

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