Mobile Chicken Coop with some automation using Arduino

My wife and I have wanted to raise chickens(for the eggs) and we finally decided to do it this spring.  I have read a lot about pastured chicken and wanted to create a mobile coop so that the chickens would not destroy the yard.  I have a fairly decent sized yard for the burbs so I hope to move the coop every day or every other day if possible.  Hopefully there will be enough space to rotate efficiently   I am planning on using mobile fencing to limit the chickens to an area around the coop. This would be moved with the coop everyday as well.  So coming up with a system to make this simple is an important goal.
Arduino Mobile Chicken Coop
Also I have messed around with the Arduino over the years and thought it would be a great tool for reporting the temperature, water use and closing the doors at night.  I hope to use Zigbee to transmit the data back to a pc in the house, then display the data on a web page for remote viewing.  The general dimensions are 4 feet by 3 feet with a height of 5 feet on the high side and 4 on the low.  It will be raised 2 feet off the ground to keep the critters away and have less impact on the grass.

Items left(items will be removed as they are add to the instructable):
Still searching for some cedar shingles for the siding.

Added Roof Step 5
Added Door and Ramp Step 6
Added Electronics Step 7
Added Software Step 8

Automation(motor problems)


For more detail: Mobile Chicken Coop with some automation using Arduino

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