Custom Circuit Board: How to Design

Every day, people depend heavily on electronic devices to get things done around the house and at their job places.  This friendly guide has all you need to know everything about a custom circuit board, and where you can get the best custom circuit boards for your needs.

Among the key subjects on  Custom Circuit Board include:

1. The Basics You Should Know About Custom Boards:

This section briefly introduces the basics of custom boards from the following four aspects:

① PCB Prototype Board,

② PCB Material,

③ PCB Types, ④ Printed Circuit Board Components.

Example of PCB and its components

2. How is the Custom Circuit Board Designed?

This section provides a detailed overview of the two significant aspects of designing a custom board: the design basis and the PCB design steps.

The Steps of PCB design, including

Step 1:Using of Software、

Step 2:Generating the Film、

Step 3:Selecting Raw Materials、

Step 4:The Drilling of Holes、

Step 5:Fixing the Image、

Step 6:Etching and Stripping、

Step 7:Testing.

3. Do You Know The Custom Circuit Board Software?

This section provides an in-depth introduction to the following two aspects: comparing various PCB design procedures and what is the best custom board design software.

4.Custom Circuit Board Layout Design:

This section mainly describes the PCB layout design, compare the PCB layout considerations, PCB layout tutorial information.

5.Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering:

This section provides a brief overview of the four primary reasons why we reverse engineered PCBs.

 Besides, we’ll tell you what’s involved in creating a custom board. I hope this information will help you. Please feel free to contact WellPCB if you have any needs or problems.

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