Arduino open source long-range RC transmitter

If you are interested in building your very own open source long-range remote control transmitter for your next project. You might be interested in a new video created by YouTube creator, electronics and robotics expert James Bruton this month. Showing his journey in building a DSM2 RC transmitter using the Arduino platform and hardware. Check out the video below to learn more about the process and how you can build your very own using the code and can drawings provided kindly by Bruton via the official GitHub page via the link at the bottom of this article.

I’ve built quite a lot of remote controls for projects in the past, and this is because I want to have custom controls for whatever I build. There are mostly quite a few joysticks and buttons on them for various functions of the machine I want to control. It’s been really useful to send a custom data set for all the controls, but I’ve still not found a radio device that’s super reliable.”

Long-range RC transmitter

“I started using Bluetooth devices like the HC-05 modules, but I found that these sometimes randomly disconnected. Since then I’ve been using the NRF24L01 modules which is what’s in my openDog remotes. These are ok but range is limited and sometimes they drop data. There is a long range version of these which I used when I worked with Mark Rober on his Autostrike Bowling Ball project. I found that we could get the radio to reach the length of a 60ft bowling alley, but it worked best with one long range version as the receiver, and a standard module for transmitting. That was pretty random though and I ended up swapping a few modules out before it worked.”

I also built a WiFi remote with a Raspberry Pi in it to control ROS based robots. That involves either having some sort of WiFi base unit nearby for both the remote and robot to connect to, or making an ad-hoc network between the two. Then we’re also at the mercy of an TCP or UDP connection. I can’t find any other specific modules that would work reliably with an Arduino so I can build a custom remote or that I can shove arbitrary into. Having a reliable low-latency connection is really important. But when was the last time you heard that someone crashed their drone because the remote disconnected? Hardly every or never right!? Surely there’s a reliable radio solution here.”

Source: Arduino open source long-range RC transmitter

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