Arduino Email Sender with Ethernet adapter/shield

Not long ago, I reached 50 000 views on my ESP8266 Wi-fi module. I was quite amazed and wanted to thank everybody that watched it, liked it and commented on it. On September 2., I published instructable on Weather station and got featured only 15 min after publish. I was very motivated to do more as I see all the views, comments and wanted to say thank you all.

Arduino Email Sender with Ethernet adapter shield

Now, let’s go to the meat of this project.
My father asked me to do a little project with Arduino that would send an e-mail when a push button is pressed or anything, can be based on temperature reading, so make sure you watch my previous instructable on that or to send that something has closed up on the distance sensor. Be sure to watch those tutorials on my profile.

So I started looking on the web for a way to send emails with bare arduino and an ethernet shield. I already did a mini project that was sending email by pushing a button, but was done with some python on a pc or Raspberry pi. That can be a waste of money, if you want to leave your Raspberry or any small computer inside of a project.

So as I wanted to do it with only and ethernet shield, I came upon an obstacle. A code for this very purpose can be found in first google searches on Arduino playground site, but it gave me errors as it works with smtp protocol but most email services like gmail want a more reliable connection with some safety like SSL. Arduino just might not be able to do that. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but those were some facts that I found on forums regarding the errors that I was getting. Now what.

Than I found this amazing site called Temboo. It spins around IoT and everything related to that. They also support sending mail by their library, that is believe it or not, already implemented inside Arduino IDE by default.

I will guide how to set up a GMAIL account, how to set the electronics and get the thing working.

For More Details: Arduino Email Sender with Ethernet adapter/shield

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