Tiny pin-shaped Lithium Ion battery

Panasonic Corporation has developed a pin-shaped Lithium Ion battery (CG-320, nominal capacity 13mAh) with a diameter of 3.5mm and a weight of 0.6g.

This offering will give designers an added choice to their power sources for new designs among paper and thin film batteries but is not an earth-shattering battery breakthrough. EaglePicher has had small LiIon batteries for implantables for a while and Quallion has a 2.6mm diameter by 10.9mm height in their QL0002l device for implantables and sensors—BUT—it has only 1.5 mAh capacity.

Tiny pin-shaped Lithium Ion battery

The Panasonic battery, however, is capable of  powering wearable devices and other small form-factor designs but has the high output (13mAh) required for applications such as near-field communications (NFC).

Some applications for a small or pin-shaped battery

Panasonic has utilized its battery material technology such as lithium ion batteries, coin-shaped and other small lithium battery production technology, to produce this battery. An exterior stainless steel can provide dimensional stability and will prevent battery swelling.


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