Geiger Backpack with Intel Edison

We are a group of makers who like to spend nights and weekends tinkering with tecnology here at Verona FabLab (Verona is a town in the North of Italy) and with this instructable we want to describe the project we've realized for Intel Maker contest. Our project is a portable device powered by an Intel Edison and equipped with a GPS receiver and a Geiger Tube, a sensor able to detect radioactivity. Our devic ...

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Webserver for home appliances control

This instructable describes how a simple but powerful webserver used for controlling of home appliances can be done. The hart of the circuit is the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have chose this because I wanted to use all available Arduino libraries compatible with them. The Ethernet chip used is ENC28J60. A lot of Arduino libraries exist also for it. The webserver is designed in the way that it control 4 ch ...

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