Carbon Introduces SpeedCell System & Bigger 3D Printers

Since 2013, the additive manufacturing startup Carbon had altered the 3D printing industry. Carbon produced its industry-changing M1 3D printer and CLIP 3D printing technology, bringing never-before-seen printing speed and end-use-quality polymer parts to the market.   Today Carbon is on a mission to help manufacturers and designers cut their costs, waste less energy and materials while speeding up the ...

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Ultimate 6V powering board you will ever need!

(AllNewsStories Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Mar 5, 2019 ( – The board we are talking about is a perfect solution for powering the 6V systems like Arduino and Raspi. The device will be live on Indiegogo soon. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development boards have gained much attention in the field of electronics and IOT. These boards are very useful for prototyping purpose. The powering board also ...

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