Organic solar cells set new efficiency record

Dresden, Germany - 8 February 2016 - Heliatek R&D teams reached a record conversion efficiency of 13.2% for an OPV multi-junction cell, setting a new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using organic photovoltaic cells. The measurement was independently confirmed by Fraunhofer CSP. Thanks to the excellent low light and high temperature behavior of the organic semiconducto ...

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Technical Details of Logging Seawater Temperature

Block Diagram This diagram shows the basic components required for collecting temperature readings from seawater and transmitting the data to a base station where it can be collated into a database for analysis. To the left is a schematic of 10 temperature sensors, spaced 1 metre apart and immersed in seawater to a depth of 10 metres. This is connected to an Ardiuno Uno microprocessor which has been program ...

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