Make Arduino Based Home Automation Part-1 Using ARDUINO UNO R3

Hello every one welcome back . In this project tutorial I will show you how to make arduino based home automation , this means you can control all of your home appliences  and devices using a single microcontroller . This Tutorial is divided into two part . In second part of this tutorial I will use RF communication module for  wireless home automation . Let us first upload this program to the circuit above ...

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Using an Arduino Uno R3 as a Game Controller

Naturally, the Uno does not natively support keyboard strokes, unlike it's Leonardo brother. Most of Google will tell you you need to do some firmware workarounds and ATMEGA reprogramming just to get it working and the entire ordeal is a mess. If you're like me, you've found that out just after buying one. Here is how to get around all that using a bit of Java coding. The ideal solution would be to purchase ...

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