Analogue Input on Raspberry Pi

While you can connect your analogue input/output devices to Arduino very easily, it is not so easy with Raspberry Pi (Raspi). There are no analogue GPIO pins on Raspi; all GPIOs of Raspi are digital. Circuit diagram of an analogue sensor on Raspi However, simple resistive-type analogue-input devices can very easily be connected to Raspi by adding a small resistor-capacitor resonating circuit built around a ...

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Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) DAC Theory

A digital to analogue converter takes a series of digital inputs (a string of 1s and 0s, in our case there will be 8 of them like 10011001) and converts it into an analogue output. You see DACs in every digital audio device (MP3 players, CD players) as these all store music in digital form, but need to drive a speaker with an analogue signal. Hence the need to convert the digital data into an analogue signa ...

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