Microphone Sensor With Arduino and Cubesat


In this post, we will teach you Microphone-Sensor-With-Arduino-and-Cubesat: Mars is an awe-inspiring planet, and it is up to you to discover what is out there!

We are Radiance Inc.- the team compiled of four high school physics students here to inform the world on the audible waves surrounding Mars. Our names are Becca, Kylie, Malia, and Olivia. In our physics class, we set a goal at the beginning of the year to get from Planet Earth to Mars (figuratively, of course). We have studied how to get aircraft off the ground ranging from airplanes to rockets, and now it is our responsibility to get our Cubesats in orbit!

Our goal was to successfully orbit a Cubesat around “Mars”, and collect data regarding the sound waves in Mars’ atmosphere. We are doing this through a Microphone Sensor and an Arduino in our Cubesat. Our makeshift-Mars is a hollow metal ball, and our Cubesat will orbit using a string connected to a fan to create circular motion around the object. We will create factors such as wind or sound for the Arduino to collect the data, recognizing it as sound waves.

The Cubesat must be 10x10x10 centimeters, and cannot exceed 1.33 kg. We had the majority of the fourth quarter to complete this project, and deadlines came fast approaching.

Microphone Sensor With Arduino and Cubesat Steps:

Step 1: Supplies

Listed below are all of the supplies and tools that you will need to build your CubeSat and wire your Arduino.


  1. Around 80-100 11 1/2 centimeter popsicle sticks to account for the few that might break when you cut them down.
  2. 1-inch aluminum hinges that you can find at your local hardware store
  3. 1 pair of wire cutters
  4. Dremel 200 tool (to smooth the edges of the CubeSat down after all of the popsicle sticks are cut and the CubeSat is put together)
  5. Goggles (for safety purposes)
  6. Scissors
  7. 1 foot of yarn or string (for tying the CubeSat door closed, securing the Arduino, and attaching the Cubesat to the ceiling fan, which is how it orbits around “Mars”)
  8. Hot Glue Elmer’s
  9. Duct tape
  10. Wood glue
  11. Spray paint (to make the CubeSat look beautiful)
  12. Carabiner clips*

*You only need these if you are going to be following our project demands or requirements.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Cable kit (wires)
  3. Double-sided USB cord
  4. Mini Breadboard
  5. Small LED lights
  6. Big Sound Sensor
  7. SD card
  8. Micro SD Card Adapter
  9. Battery charger cord
  10. 9-volt energizer battery
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