Design with Freedom Using Arduino

Phase I – Conceptual Design
(May 6, 2014 to October 31, 2014)

Design with the latest free online tools available from Digi-Key. Using Scheme-it, you will be able to transform your Back-of-the-Napkin concepts to a real life Bill-of-Materials. Leveraging the Freescale Freedom Platform (with over 10 boards to choose from) you will need to design in block diagram format a feature set extension to implement your design creativity.

Design with Freedom!

Phase I – Best Hardware and Software submission: an Apple® iPad Air valued at no more tha (€489) Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Euros

Phase I – Second place prize: an Apple® iPad Mini valued at no more than (€399) Three Hundred and Ninety Nine Euros.

Phase I – Three (3) Honorable Mention prizes: an Apple® iPod touch valued at no more than (€249) Two Hundred Forty Nine Euros.

Phase II: Hardware and Software Design
(July 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014)

Take your thoughts to the next level. Using PCBWeb, Digi-Key’s free online PCB generation tool then visit, ARM’s free online software development environment to write the software needed to bring your Freescale Freedom based design to life. You can buy a Freescale Freedom Platform from Digi-Key, use one you already have or just focus on your value added solution. Let your creativity flow.


For more detail: Design with Freedom!

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