ARACHNIO – Arduino Variant with WiFi

About this project

The Arachnio is the first Arduino variant with an integrated ESP8266. Arachnio hardware and software is fully Arduino-compatible and open source. This makes it easy to get your Arachnio up and running. Easy-to-use libraries make joining an existing WiFi access point or creating your own local access point quick and simple.

ARACHNIO – Arduino Variant with WiFi

The day that the first Arachnio leaves our hands, all of the design files, including all Eagle files (both board and schematic) and all code will be opened to the world. Here’s what makes the Arachnio special:

  • Integrated WiFi — No extra parts to buy or integrate — just load an easy-to-use library and connect to the Internet! The ESP8266EX WiFi chip on the Arachnio works beautifully with the Arduino core.
  • Small and light — The Arachnio is only 50 mm long, 18 mm wide, and weighs less than 10 grams with headers installed.
  • Rugged — Due to its small size, light weight, and the robustness of the Atmega32u4 processor, it’s hard to kill.
  • Low power draw — In deep sleep with the power LED removed, current consumption is below 50 microamps on a single Li-Po cell.
  • Arduino Micro pinout — The Arachnio uses the same pinout as the Arduino Micro and is only very slightly larger in order to accommodate the integrated antenna.
  • Breadboard compatible — Standard 0.1″ headers enable you to plug directly into a breadboard for easy prototyping.
  • Fully open source — everything including the board layout and the network stack is open source.

In order to make it even easier to get up and running, we’re coming out with two expansion boards immediately — the ArachnoProto and the Arachnode.

The ArachnoProto is a prototyping expansion board for the Arachnio. It has a reset button, a general purpose button, two LEDs, and an ICSP header for programming the Atmega32u4.

The Arachnode is perfect for building remote sensor and network nodes. It integrates a solar Li-Po battery charger, a real time clock, a micro SD card, and an optional Atmel cryptography module in order to provide a platform for building lightweight and inexpensive webs of Arachnios for remote sensing and other purposes.

Technical Specs


  • ATmega32u4 processor — pin and software compatible with the Arduino Micro.
  • ESP8266EX WiFi with printed antenna
  • 32 kB flash storage on the ATmega32u4
  • 2.5 kB SRAM
  • 1 kB EEPROM on the ATmega32u4
  • 512 kB SPI firmware flash for the ESP8266EX
  • 3.3V operation
  • 8 MHz clock speed
  • 24 digital I/O (12 dedicated)
  • 12 analog I/O (6 dedicated)
  • 8 PWM channels
  • SPI, I2C, and UART available (UART shared with ESP8266EX)
  • LED indicators for Power, USB TX/RX, D13


  • Two LEDs
  • Reset button
  • General purpose button
  • ICSP programming header
  • Two 2″ x 1″ prototyping areas
  • Option to use standard headers, stacking headers, or bottom-entry headers for extra low profile.

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