Infrared Dedicated Decoder

Hardware components: Atmel ATTiny85 × 1 Attiny85 IR code for Sony protocol Attiny85 IR code for Sony protocol Download /* IR remote control (Sony) detection for Arduino, M. Burnette Binary sketch size: 2,794 bytes (of a 8,192 byte maximum) ☺ 20130103 MRB Modified for interface to Mega2560 Europa codebase for menu system ☺ 20121230 MRB Modified for Tiny85 Google Tiny library Tiny85 Internal RC 16MHz ☺ 201212 ...

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IP Time Clock using NTP protocol

REQUIREMENT: WiFi Access with SSID and password if necessary So this Lazy Old Geek (LOG) has a couple of clocks in my bedroom. One of them loses time when the power is lost. The other is semi smart and automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time. Unfortunately, it does this using the old standard so I have to re-set the time four times a year. Well, I’m LAZY so I decided to make my own Clock. At first I ...

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