OurPCB Released “Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor – Complete Guide to HC-SR04.”

OurPCB is a multi-national PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly company, and today published a Guide on  "Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor-A Complete Guide on HC-SR04". It has five chapters that cover every detail about Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor. The publication is available on the https://www.ourpcb.com/arduino-ultrasonic-sensor.htmlsection of the company’s website for free. It is a simple guide authored by the Our ...

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How to Build an HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Circuit

An ultrasonic distance sensor is a sensor that can measure distance from a solid or physical object. An ultrasonic range finder does this through sound waves. It sends out high-frequency sound waves and then waits to listen back for these sound waves. If it has heard back these sound waves, then this means the sound waves have bounced off of a physical object and has come back to the sensor, which means a p ...

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