Force Sensitive Resistor + Arduino

The Force Sensitive Resistor, or FSR is one of those parts that fills bins in interaction design labs across the world. It’s a simple guy, a finicky guy, but it has its place in the maker toolbox. A FSR is just what it sounds like – a resistor that changes its resistance with force. So if you press, sit, or punch it, its resistance changes. The finicky part tends to be when people want it to measure force w ...

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Working of Force Sensor with Arduino

In this project we will be developing a fun circuit using Force sensor and Arduino Uno. This circuit generates sound linearly related to force applied on the sensor. For that we are going to interface FORCE sensor with Arduino Uno. In UNO, we are going use 8 bit ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) feature to do the job. A FORCE sensor is a transducer which changes its resistance when pressure is applied on s ...

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