N: How to Make a Multi-layered Acrylic and LED Sculpture With Variable Lighting Levels

Here you can find out how to make you very own n as made for the exhibition www.laplandscape.co.uk curated by art/design group Lapland. More images can be seen at flickr This exhibition runs from Wednesday 26 November - Friday 12 December 2008 inclusive, and had a private view on Tuesday 25 November. Each participant has been asked to make a letter each of the 'laplandscape' portion ...

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Password Based Circuit Breaker

Summary Electrical accidents are rapidly increasing especially electric line repairs incident due to the lack of communication and coordination between the maintenance personnel and the electric substation staff. The password based circuit breaker device could just be the solution as only the lineman could reliably control the circuit breaker to avoid miscommunication. The system requires a password to turn ...

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