FT801 if you prefer capacity rather than resistivity

New graphic chips supporting capacitive touch screens – FT801 with the “EVE” technology from company FTDI bring a simple usage even for these perspective displays.

FT801 if you prefer capacity rather than resistivity

FT801 brings together advantages of the „Embedded Video Engine“ (EVE) concept and advantages of capacitive displays like easy control, interactivity and usually a higher brightness and overall vividness of these displays.

New chip FT801 is functionally practically the same as the initial EVE chip – FT800. It supports display, audio and touch interface with a capacitive touch screen via an I²C interface connected to a standard touch controller.

FT801 has multi-touch capabilities enabling 5 independent touch points to be simultaneously determined (so called Extended mode). This facilitates the deployment of human machine interfaces (HMIs) usable by several people at once, or where a variety of complex hand gestures can be detected. The IC’s sophisticated hardware engine has the ability to recognize touch tags and track touch movement – delivering notification of up to 255 touch tags


For more detail: FT801 if you prefer capacity rather than resistivity

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