Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

Today we’ll be talking about Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box, a piece of hardware that I built over a year ago. But what is this box, what does it do, who was it built for and who is this Captain Herrmano anyway? This will be the topic of this article.

What is Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box?

The box is a so-called “reverse geocaching puzzle”. The inspiration for this project was a reverse geocaching box built in 2009 by Mikael Hart. Unlike Mikael’s version of the box, it’s not enough to simply find and visit the target place. To unlock the treasure of Captain Herrmano, the player has to solve more tasks.

Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

The special thing about this box is that it interacts with the player, and not just via text – it also has sound and light feedback, as well as other means of communication. But more about that later.

So who is this captain anyway? Captain Herrmano is an old pirate, whose spirit guards the chest and guides the player through the challenges. The chest, in turn, contains the pirate’s treasure.

A Birthday Present with Consequences

I came up with the idea for the box, developed it and built it all as a birthday present. I wanted to gift something extraordinary, and since I always find the anticipation and the unboxing the most fun moments, I decided to make the unboxing process take a little longer than usual.

The player only receives the present after they have solved all of the Captain’s riddles.

A Solution and Overview of the Riddles

Since the birthday has passed and the recipient has had his share of fun already, I can freely write the article here. To give you an overview of the capabilities and features of the box, I’ve made this small video that shows a complete walkthrough of all the riddles.


For more detail: Captain Herrmano’s Mystery Box – a Reverse Geocache

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