Adjustable HV Power Supply for Stompbox

This SMPS can be powered with low input voltage, from 5 VDC to 15 VDC. Adjustable Output Voltage: + 92 Vdc to +340 Vdc This assembled module of the SMPS can be used as power supply, for guitar pedal booster, effects stompbox, with subminiature tubes ( CK series, 5702, 5744, 5718, 6112, 6021, 6286, ... ). Can be used too, as power supply, for the Xenon Lamp, Nixie tube Clock, VFD display, Magic Eye, Neon, an ...

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TEA1733-DST: Flyback SMPS Design Tool

Overview The NXP Flyback SMPS Design Tool helps you design flyback power supplies using NXPs TEA1721, TEA1723, TEA1733 and TEA1738 family. The TEA1721(A, B, D, F) family, the TEA1723(A, B, D, F) family, the TEA1733(A, B, C, M, L) family and TEA1738(F, G, L) family are low cost Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC’s intended for flyback topologies. The latest update of the tool combines the TEA172 ...

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