Darby’s not dead

Story In the future there is a bar where all the dead punk rockers hang out. They are each given a MiFare classic card programmed with their name and 666 credits. This is the device the bartender uses to keep track of their tab. This project uses an atmega168 to control a pn532 breakout board to write cards as well as read them. Once the data is read it gets sent to the Particle core over USART and then sen ...

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Tiny NFC reader with a TRF7970A

Want a free board? Read below! My regular readers may already know that I never stop working on a project half-way. This is unfortunately the only exception so far, motivated by the fact that an IC isn't doing what it's supposed to do, that my thread on the TI support forum was left unanswered for months and that I'd like to upgrade some of the chosen hardware. So a few months ago I wrote a quick post about ...

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