Zallus Oven Controller

A Flexible Oven Controller controlled via touch screen or through USB. Draw and download your own profiles using free Profile Creator.

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A Flexible Oven Controller for any application

Zallus Oven Controller

Reflow Soldering Application:

More and more often now, through-hole variations of packages are ceasing to exist. Furthermore, surface mount packages are getting more and more difficult to hand solder. Part of this is because modern components are simply not designed to be hand soldered and often are actually damaged by hand soldering. Where as DIY SMT Reflowing is a quick, reliable, and affordable way to solder surface mount components. This is where the Zallus Oven Controller Kit allows you to easily convert a toaster oven into a fully J-STD-20 compliant Reflow Oven.

Perhaps the most important feature of this system is the Zallus Profile Creator tool on the PC which allows you to easily modify and create your own profiles! This guarantees your controller will work with virtually any oven and allows you to easily verify your profile is safe and Industry Compliant.

Zallus Oven Controller

Easily draw and test your own profiles!

Its no secret, solder is quite easy to melt, you simply apply heat. However, actually reflowing solder means you are following an industry specifications that provides a balance between component integrity and forming quality solder joints. Most DIY oven controllers do not have any type of evaluation method as to whether or not the profile your running is safe for the components or optimum for the solder. This is a quality feature that the Zallus Profile Creator tool allows you to easily verify.


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