Web Controlled Servo using Arduino and Wi-Fi

In this post we are going to control a Servo Motor using a web browser with the help of Arduino and Wi-Fi module ESP8266. The ESP8266 will establish a connection between the servo and the web browser through the IP address and then by moving the Slider on the web page, the servo will move accordingly. Even by setting Port Forwarding in your router, you can control the Servo from anywhere in the world over the internet, we will explain that later in this tutorial.

In our previous projects, we have controlled the servo by using many other techniques like we have controlled the servo using Flex sensor, using Force sensor, using MATLAB etc. And we have also covered tutorials on interfacing of Servo with different Microcontrollers like with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 8051, AVR etc. You can check all Servo related projects here.web-controlled-servo-using-Arduino-and-wifi

Required Components:

The components used in this project are as follows

  • Servo (sg90)
  • Arduino Uno
  • Wi-Fi module ESP8266
  • Three 1K resistors
  • Connecting wiresWeb Controlled Servo using Arduino and Wi-Fi

Circuit Diagram and Connections:

First of all we will connect the ESP8266 with the Arduino. ESP8266 runs on 3.3V and if you will give it 5V from the Arduino then it won’t work properly and it may get damage. Connect the VCC and the CH_PD to the 3.3V pin of Arduino. The RX pin of ESP8266 works on 3.3V and it will not communicate with the Arduino when we will connect it directly to the Arduino. So, we will have to make a voltage divider for it which will convert the 5V into 3.3V. This can be done by connecting three resistors in series like we did in the circuit. Connect the TX pin of the ESP8266 to the pin 4 of the Arduino and the RX pin of the ESP8266 to the pin 5 of Arduino through the resistors.

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