TouchShield Stealth

TouchShield Stealth description:

This is the Stealth Edition, which has an all-blacked out board that looks pretty slick on top of the dark blue Arduino. It’s also higher quality, machine soldered and assembled, with a few internal trace re-routes to make it a little lighter, faster, and power-redundant.

TouchShield Stealth

TouchShield Stealth specification:

  • 128×128 OLED Screen
  • 262K Colors
  • Touch Screen
  • Powered from the Arduino’s 5 VDC pins
  • Only Uses Arduino Pins: 2 and 3
  • Holds 60 Full Screen Images
  • Compatible with Arduino Environment
  • Arduino Graphics Core Ready to Go
  • Draw Shapes, Pixels, Colors, Graphs, Buttons and More directly from the Arduino IDE
  • 1.50 inch diagonal

TouchShield Stealth pinout:

touchshield stealth pinout


For more detail: TouchShield Stealth

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