TouchShield Slide

TouchShield Slide description:

After talking with several TouchShield Stealth users, I decided to build a bigger and more powerful option, for the folks who want that extra capacity. The TouchShield Slide is a widescreen option that makes full use of the space on the Arduino, maximizing screen space. With 340×240 resolution and a resistive touchscreen, the Slide offers clear, precise viewing and tactile sensing – that all fits squarely on the Arduino. As for programming, the Slide runs a core similar to the Stealth, so it’ll be just as easy to get up and running!

TouchShield Slide

TouchShield Slide specification:

  • 320×240 LCD Screen
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Storage for 4 full resolution images or 60 128×128 images
  • Compatible with Arduino Environment
  • Only Uses Arduino Pins: 2 and 3
  • Graphics Library Ready to Go
  • Draw Shapes, Pixels, Colors, Graphs, Buttons with complete ease, using a SubProcessing graphics API

TouchShield Slide pinout:

TouchShield Slide


FOr more detail: TouchShield Slide

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