Shifty VU Shield

Shifty VU Shield description:

The Shifty VU Shield accepts stereo audio from a computer, CD player, or other audio source. A ShiftBrite header is provided, allowing the Shifty VU shield to visualize the input audio levels on a chain of RGB LED modules. Using the Arduino IDE, any LED visual effect can be synchronized with music or other audio. Stereo audio is filtered and rectified, providing analog values on A2 and A3 that correspond to the average audio volume.

Shifty VU Shield

Shifty VU Shield specification:

Type: Arduino Shield
Function: Process stereo audio and control ShiftBrites
Works with: ShiftBrites, MegaBrites, ShiftBars
Fits: Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove, Seeeduino, etc.
Power Supply: 5.5V to 12V DC (ShiftBrite Header)
5V (from Arduino)
Pin Usage: Analog 2, 3; Digital 9, 10, 11, 13; AREF, VIN, 5V, 3V3
Inputs: 3.5mm stereo jack, power via screw clamp terminals
Outputs: Filtered audio on Analog 2 and 3; SPI ShiftBrite chain
Other features: Passthrough female headers and duplicate solder pads

Shifty VU Shield pinout:

Shifty VU ShieldNote:
The shield uses the hardware SPI pins, making it incompatible with the Ethernet Shield and possibly other shields that use SPI. It is also incompatible with the Arduino Mega in hardware accelerated mode, but will still work in software mode. Since the SPI pins are merely an electrical connection to the ShiftBrite header, they will not interfere with any other shields if the ShiftBrite header is not connected to anything; in this case, the shield simply provides filtered audio on A2 and A3.


For more detail: Shifty VU Shield

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