SD Card Shield

SD Card Shield description:

The SD Card Shield is a breakout board for a standard SD card.

This is the 3rd version of Seeed Studio SD card shield: compared to previous versions it has the TF card adapter removed to avoid data error when SD and TF card were both inserted, and an additional filter capacitor was added to reduce power supply ripple. You can select 3.3V or IO port power supply with the switch on board in order to work with different library.

Note: SDHC is not supported.

SD Card Shield

SD Card Shield specification:

  • Arduino and Seeeduino compatible ( Do not compatible with Mega)
  • Grove compatible
  • SD card, Micro SD card and SDHC card supportable
  • 3.3v and 5v logical voltage compatible
  • 2.6~3.6v DC power supply

SD Card Shield pinout:

SD Card ShieldNote:
D10: CS
D11: DI
D12: D0
D13: CLK


For more detail: SD Card Shield

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