SB Protoshield

SB Protoshield description:

The Solarbotics SB-ProtoShield kit mates with the USB Arduino and Freeduino SB boards, and sets you up with:

SB Protoshield

SB Protoshield specification:

  • A small soldering area
  • Four general indicator LEDs
  • Four general-purpose Push button switches (tied low)
  • Two Servo headers with selectable power supply routing
  • A XBee-compatible footprint (pre-wired for power)
  • A reset switch
  • All Arduino / Freeduino SB I/O pins, including 5V, Gnd, and Raw pins are brought to the top level

SB Protoshield pinout:

SB ProtoshieldNote:
D9 & D10 hardware “PWM” lines on the Arduino are used on this shield for precise servo control. Buttons and LEDs are tied to the extra 4 position female headers on-board and can be mapped to any of the I/O pins.


For more detail: SB Protoshield

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