Probably the Cheapest WIFI Computer in the World (ESP8266+LUA)

This one is turning into a MONSTER of a blog entry  – lots of new stuff.

Probably the Cheapest WIFI Computer in the World (ESP8266+LUA)

This article describes the ESP-01, fitted with LUA firmware that is able to converse with a serial terminal in a high level language, store programs and data, turn things on and off in a package that costs almost nothing. The possibilities for ridiculously cheap remote temperature sensors and more are finally here. The software is new, the hardware is relatively new – and we need people working on software to make remote access easy. No guarantees here as I have only tested (and reported on) some of the features. Am important fix that made this practical to use only came through in the early hours of this morning – there will be bugs but at least it’s a starting point – all you have to lose is a little time.

Cheapest computer is of course a grandiose title, for sure and one one that would have been invalid as far back as, oh, yesterday, but I think its’ fair to say that as of this morning we have a stunning new development.  That is not to detract from the many worthwhile firmware developments on-going for the ESP-01 and similar boards, but here I’m going to present you with all you need to get the cheapest computer in the world up and running.


For more detail:  Probably the Cheapest WIFI Computer in the World (ESP8266+LUA)

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