Phi-Connect Shield

Phi-Connect Shield description:

Phi-connect is a wire/cable management system for Arduino. It passes all Arduino connections to a breadboard with one cable. You can connect your Arduino to a project with just one step.

Phi-Connect Shield

Phi-Connect Shield specification:

  • Passes all Arduino pins to the breakout board to be plugged into breadboards or soldered inside a project box.
  • Two places with 5V/GND pins directly plugs into power buses to power the breadboard and improves mechanical strength.
  • Two strips of connections 5V/GND helps you connect sensors and motors in your project box
  • Mounting holes help you secure the board in a project box
  • Mechanical key on the cable prevents mistakes when inserting the cable.
  • The stackable version can be stacked below any arduino shield, benefiting from shield function and breadboard freedom with seamless connections.

Phi-Connect Shield pinout:

Phi-Connect ShieldNote:
No pin is used by the phi-connect shield. All Arduino pins are passed from Arduino to breadboard breakout board. With stacking female headers and right-angle double row male headers, any shield can stack above the phi-connect.


For more detail: Phi-Connect Shield

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