Phi-1 Shield

Phi-1 Shield description:

16X2 LCD character display with additional features.

Phi-1 Shield

Phi-1 Shield specification:

  • 6 push buttons: four arranged in arrow keys and two more on the side
  • 2 RJ11 ports for long and robust connections with sensors or control devices
  • Optional buzzer and LED in place of the RJ11 ports
  • Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
  • EEPROM for easy data logging keeps data when Arduino is turned off
  • GPS connector and breakout for the EM-406A GPS module
  • Reset button
  • All Arduino pins are brought out for maximal flexibility.

Phi-1 Shield pinout:

Phi-1 ShieldNote:
D2: LCD D6
D3: Right button
D4: LCD D7
D5: Up button
D6: LCD D5
D7: LCD D4
D10: Down button
D11: Left button
A0: “B” button
A1: “A” button
A2: Buzzer
A4: I2C
A5: I2C


For more detail: Phi-1 Shield

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