microSD Shield

microSD Shield description:

The microSD Shield equips your Arduino with mass-storage capability, so you can use it for data-logging or other related projects.

microSD Shield

microSD Shield specification:

microSD Shield pinout:

microSD ShieldNote:
SPI protocol on D8, D11, D12, D13.

SS is on D8 and not on the usual D10.

Warning: D10 is not used directly by the shield, but it must still be set to OUTPUT mode to prevent problems with the SPI library. You can however use it as the chip select pin for another SPI device if required. The requirement for the pin to be set as an output is a result of how SPI Master / Slave on the ATmega works. The sdfatlib now handles that automatically if you initialise it with a pin other than D10 as CS.


For more detail: microSD Shield

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