MakerShield description:

Unlike other prototyping shields on the market, the MakerShield allows you to create the circuits the way you want, and easily make as many changes as needed without having to solder. All the major components and pins of the MakerShield are user-assignable. This allows you to simply jump from the appropriate components header pin to any of the pins on the micro-controller. You can make as many changes as you want, and all without any soldering required.


MakerShield specification:

1) Custom PCB

  • (1) Reset button
  • (1) User definable button
  • (2) User definable LED’s (Red & Green)
  • (1) User definable potentiometer
  • (1) User selectable 3v3 or 5v jumper for the potentiometer (works with Arduino & Netduino)
  • Male ‘stacking’ header pins brings up all the micro-controller pins
  • (3) 3v3 Header pins
  • (3) 5v headers pins
  • (2) Ground header pins
  • (2) power filtering capacitors
  • (1) 6-pin ICSP header pin (in the same location as the Arduino, allowing you to stack shields that need it)
  • (2) Resistors for the LED’s
  • 5v5 rail
  • Ground rail
  • Prototyping area (our mini breadboard fits perfectly)

MakerShield pinout:

All pin usage is user-definable.


For more detail: MakerShield

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