Lightuino Shield

Lightuino Shield description:

Multiple LED driver.

Can be used either as a shield to an existing Arduino, or stand-alone by the addition of an ATmega328 MCU.

Lightuino Shield

Lightuino Shield specification:

The biggest change is the addition of the ATMEGA CPU, clock, etc logic, making the Lightuino a standalone board!

Of course, you can still use it as a shield, either WITH the ATMEGA populated or WITHOUT (if the ATMEGA is not populated, it MUST be used as a shield of course). And you can stack them. If it is stacked, it ought to let you do some really interesting distributed computing stuff.

By integrating the ATMEGA on-board, the total cost is a lot less, since you don’t need the Arduino board. And its a lot smaller too!

Lightuino Shield pinout:

Lightuino ShieldNote:
Any 4 digital pins, selectable.


For more detail: Lightuino Shield

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