LCD Shield

LCD Shield description:

Standalone serial LCD display. Allows you to have a 2 line or 4 line LCD display without using any extra Arduino pins. It just uses the TXData that normally goes to the USB port, allowing you to use the same serial print functions that you would to the Arduino serial monitor.

LCD Shield

LCD Shield specification:

Board features

  • Supports 2×16 and 4×20 LCDs using the HD44780 or SPLC780D
  • Can be used standalone
  • Can be used as a shield on an Arduino Duemilanove
  • Can be used as a shield on an Arduino Mega
  • Will work with any existing ASCII output, no need for re-writing special codes
  • Full open source
  • Fully Arduino development environment compatible
  • Use Arduino 168 or 328 processor
  • Accepts Serial input from the following sources
    1. Arduino main serial port (pins 0/1)
    2. RS-232 DB-9 port
    3. Arduino Mega serial port 3
    4. Arduino Mega serial port 2
    5. Arduino Mega serial port 1
    6. FTDI input connector (this connector is also use to program the Atmega CPU)
    7. 4 pin header (JP3)
    8. unused
  • The LCD shield can also get data from the I2C on the Arduino Duemilanove or from Arduino Mega (different pins)
  • Includes 7 on board buttons for use with your program. These buttons send ASCII “1” through “7” when pressed to the selected transmit line.
  • The transmit line and receive line can be set independently.
  • On board buzzer, beeps when it receives an ASCII BELL (^G)
  • Unused Arduino connector pins brought out to a header for other uses (JP1 and JP2)
  • Pulse Width Modulation to control brightness

 Software features

  • Supports 2×16 and 4×20 displays (I have not tested with 2×20 yet)
  • Supports standard ASCII including control characters
  • Echo on or off
  • Scroll or page mode
  • Baudrates from 300 to 115200 (anything higher and the LCD is to slow)
  • Auto dim feature
  • On board menu interface to set parramters
  • I2C enabled or disabled
  • User settable I2C address
  • User settable brightness level
  • Hold down buttons 1 and 2 and then hit reset to restore default settings

LCD Shield pinout:

LCD ShieldNote:
Can use RX/TX OR I2C


For more detail: LCD Shield

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