I2C Power Protoshield

I2C Power Protoshield description:

Designed for easy prototyping.

I2C Power Protoshield

I2C Power Protoshield specification:

  • Soldering prototyping area
  • I2C bus with pull-up resistors footprint
  • Strengthened 3.3V and 5V on board and for Arduino through ATX PC power supply connector
  • ATX PC power supply 12V on board with protection through a secured soldered bridge
  • Power LED and reset switch on top
  • 2Oz copper thickness to improve soldering / desoldering pads lifetime

I2C Power Protoshield pinout:

I2C Power ProtoshieldNote:
No pins specifically used by the shield: all available for user projects.


For more detail: I2C Power Protoshield

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