I2C GPS Shield

I2C GPS Shield description:

Access most of the commonly used GPS data using the I2C protocol. Features a 66 channel 10 Hz GPS receiver with an ultra low -165dBm sensitivity

I2C GPS Shield

I2C GPS Shield specification:

  • Latitude
  • · Longitude
  • · Date
  • · Time
  • · Speed
  • · Course
  • · Altitude
  • · PDOP
  • · HDOP
  • · VDOP
  • · 3D Fix
  • · Satellites Used
  • · Position Fix Indicator
  • · RMC Valid Status

I2C GPS Shield pinout:

I2C GPS ShieldNote:
Pins D0-D3 and D7-D10 are optional usage pins for serial communication and/or interrupts which can be activated via software. By default these pins are in a high impedance state and will not interfere with other signals on the same pins.


For more detail: I2C GPS Shield

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